The Human Resources Division (BSM) was founded in tandem with the creation of the Registrar Office. The division was helmed by the Senior Deputy Registrar and staffed with other competent support personnel.  The Human Resources Division is is in charge of carrying out all matters pertaining to staff appointments and service requirements which include promotion, salary and emolument, allowances, retirement, termination and resignation. This section consists of the Employment Management Section and the Service Management Section. The Human Resources Division is supported by two (2) sections which are:


Human Resource Management Section:

  1. Services
    - Resource Management Unit
    - Records and Retirement Unit
    - Information Systems Management & Staff Confirmation Unit

           - Remuneration and Leave Unit

  1. Employment -

    - Resource Planning Unit
    - Performance & Career Development Unit
    - Employment Unit


Personnel Wellbeing Section
- Psychology & Counselling Unit




  1. To ensure quality manpower through accurate selection systems and to maintain highly-competent staff services.
  2. To act as the mobilizer, policy-maker and regulator in the recruitment exercise of staff of Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka.
  3. To ensure that staff appointments are carried out at a highest level of integrity, fulfilling the requirements of staff appointments and meeting the specifications set for in the candidate selection criteria.
  4. To always ensure that staff appointment procedures are in accordance with predetermined circular rules and regulations.


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