(Reference source: Public Service Department of Malaysia)




On the day a staff reaches the age of 55/56/58/60 years according to the retirement age option selected. [Section 10 (1), Act 227 / Act 239]



Staff whose health is unsatisfactory can opt to retire for health reasons. The circumstances under which the staff may retire are as per the General Order Chapter ‘F’ (1974). [Section 10 (5) (a), Act 227 / Act 239]

The conditions that qualify a staff for retirement due to health reasons are as follows:

a.         Has been confirmed;

b.         Decided by the Medical Board; and

c.         Approved by PSD.



A staff may apply for optional retirement when or after reaching the age of 40 years. For the purpose of providing retirement benefits, a staff must serve at least 10 years of accountable service. [ Section 12 (1 ) , Act 227 / Act 239]

Staffs who intend to apply for optional retirement must be over 40 years of age, a period of service that can be taken into account not less than 10 years (to enable retirement benefits to be given to staffs who retire optionally). Service benefits are eligible to be paid on the date of retirement while the pension will only be paid at the age of eligibility to receive it according to the pension law. Each application must go through the Head of Department.

Applications for optional retirement must be submitted to the Registrar Office no later than six (6) months before the retirement date. Once this optional retirement application is endorsed by the University, it will be extended to the Public Service Department for approval. It is final and is deemed to have been duly considered by the applicant. Any request to withdraw the application or amend the retirement date after the application will not be entertained.

The application must be submitted together with the documents including the original application letter from the staff stating the justification for optional retirement and the date of retirement applied for. A letter from the Head of Department must state the reasons for supporting or not supporting the application as well as a letter of confirmation from the relevant Office regarding:

  1. whether the staff concerned is involved or free from any disciplinary or court action;
  2. whether the staff is still bound by, or free from any terms of the Government scholarship contract. For staffs who still have a Government scholarship contract, a letter of release from the Government scholarship contract from the relevant authority must be submitted, and
  3. a copy of the results of the property report (including additional property/disposal, if any) made by the relevant officer.



MONTHLY pension arising due to the death of a member / retiree of the public sector, is paid to the dependents of the staff / retiree as provided by the relevant Pension Law. Sections 4 (1 ) , 4 (2), and 18, Act 227 / Act 239]

Derivative pension is eligible to be given to Widows / Widowers and Children (subject to eligibility conditions). In the absence of a Widow / Widower and Child, the Derivative Reward may be awarded to a legal representative.

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