The Quality Improvement Group (KMK) is introduced through PKPA no. 7/1991 as one of the problem-solving mechanisms in the department/office. The initiative is then reinforced by the Innovative & Creative Group (KIK) in order to implement activities, to improve service delivery, and nurture creative and innovative culture by creating values and breakthroughs towards strengthening the management system. This concept was introduced by the Malaysian Productivity Corporation (MPC) in 2000 and has been accepted as one of the management tools that are easily understood and implemented at every level. 

Compared to QMS, KIK focuses not only on the problems and solutions but also on the improvement of the existing systems and working procedures in order to ensure an effective and efficient quality of service. KIK is a small group of employees from the same work unit who meet regularly to identify, select and analyze problems or improvement opportunities based on the management concepts of participation and humanities. This concept is considered as one of the mechanisms to encourage staff participation in problem-solving processes to improve the quality and productivity of their respective departments/offices.


  1. To improve problem-solving abilities among staff

  2. To foster the spirit of team-work

  3. To nurture positive work-ethic

  4. To inculcate participative management

In 2009, UTeM Vice-Chancellor had established a KIK Steering Committee, which was conducted by the Policy & Quality Division of Management from the Registrar's Office as the secretariat of KIK, as the first step in implementing KIK at UTeM.  It aligned with the University's Strategic Planning 2009-2010, which focused on establishing the Creative and Innovative Group (KIK).

The main committee on the implementation of KIK in UTeM is responsible for drafting the implementation policies of KIK. In addition, it provides consideration and approval to the proposed problem-solutions and activities to be implemented by the KIK group. The committee also plays a role in determining the goals and objectives to be achieved and coordinated. Also, they need to monitor the implementation of KIK activities.

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